The 4 Most Common Reasons

⏰ Argument: Timing
Pro abortion: This is not the right time to have a baby. Perhaps in a few months or years – why now?
Con abortion: Will the timing ever be absolutely perfect? What would be so drastically different a few months or years from now? Am I even certain that my circumstances will have changed that much? What is keeping me from having a baby right now?

πŸ’” Argument: The Relationship
Pro abortion: The relationship is brand new or going through a rough patch. We are not even together. His initial reaction to the pregnancy was negative. He does not want the baby. 
Con abortion: How would an abortion affect the relationship? We may break up anyway. The fact that we did not take up this challenge may weigh heavily on us. It is common for men to need time to come to terms with the pregnancy. In most cases, they become loving fathers who take on the responsibility of parenting. 

πŸ“‹  Argument: My Aspirations
Pro abortion: I had completely different plans for my life. There is so much I had wanted to do… I don’t want to give that up. 
Con abortion: The best things in life cannot be planned – they just happen: falling in love, a close friendship, or a baby. All of these call for spontaneity. Also, would I really have to surrender my plans – or could they be realized at a later point in time? How could I arrange things so that a baby would still allow for other activities?

😰  Argument: Overwhelmed
Pro abortion: Physically or mentally, I have reached my breaking point. I could not handle a(nother) baby. That would be too much for me.
Con abortion: Could this situation be an opportunity to reorient my life? All the areas which have been overwhelming for a while could be reprioritized and reorganized. How would an abortion affect me? Is it possible that an abortion would make me feel worse? Would the additional burden of a traumatic experience weigh me down even further? 

✍️ Our tip: The point system

How important is each argument to you?

You could use a scale from 1-10. This would give you a better sense of your inclinations.

How will you take your strongest points into account? What will need to be reconsidered in order to allow room for your priorities?

You may find it helpful to use colors or symbols while you ask yourself questions, such as: Which issues are probably about to resolve themselves? Which obstacles could be overcome right now? Are there areas in which I could receive support? Which argument is of utmost importance to me, placing all others in the shade?

πŸ’‘ Focusing on a list can also encourage brooding. This would obscure one’s view, rather than lead to increased clarity. Feel free to take your mind off your list now and then. Take a step back by going for a walk or doing something else relaxing. This will provide the opportunity to become more in tune with your intuition. When things quiet down, you are more likely to recognize your heart's desire.

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