PMS or early pregnancy?

Progesterone is a hormone that is elevated during PMS, as well as in early pregnancy. Therefore, the symptoms are very similar:

breat tenderness and/or sensitive nipples --- irritability --- fatigue --- low blood pressure --- headaches, migraines --- increased basal body temperature (can only be detected by regular measurement) --- cramps or abdominal pain --- slight nausea --- constipation --- changes in appetite ...

⏰ Sometimes pregnancies are noticeable very early on; however, there is no foolproof sign. Some early pregnancies are not accompanied by any symptoms.

Fact is: Early pregnancies are different for each woman! Some women even experience their second pregnancy distinct from their first.

Is your period late? 
Usually, the absence of menstruation points towards a pregnancy, but it proves nothing. Delays are possible, even in cases where one’s period is usually on time. 
There are manifold reasons for your reproductive system to be off kilter: a change in diet, a sickness, a new medication, or long-distance travel. Stress can also impact your menstrual cycle. In later years, the absence of a menstrual period may be the harbinger of menopause. 

🤔 14 days after a sexual encounter, a home pregancy test will be able to provide you with clarity. A test can be purchased at most pharmacies and supermarkets.

Pregnancy Test

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