Pregnant & Anxious
Tips for Deciding Well

4 Abortion Alternatives

Especially when the thought of having an abortion makes you feel anxious, it makes sense to think about the question: What alternatives to abortion are available?

1. Accept Support 🙌🏽

Abortion is out of the question, but you are unsure how you would manage with a baby? Everything has changed and you feel abandoned?
Outside support would bring about the neccessary changes so you can thrive. This could consist of practical help within your daily routine or life coaching – giving you the opportunity to seek solutions, together.

Perhaps you can already think of someone who would be there for you – a friend, a neighbor, or a relative. It is crucial that you feel accepted and valued by this person.
There are many networks, non profits, and government-run organizations which offer support for pregnant women, mothers, and families.

2. Short Term Foster Care 👩🏻‍🍼

Circumstances can make it seem impossible to keep the baby with you - for now. In this case, it may make sense to ask for foster care.

Foster care means that a host family takes care of the baby for a set period of time. You would have the opportunity to visit. This kind of temporary assistance frees you up to take the steps neccessary for the desired change. It relieves you of the pressure of parenting, allowing you to focus on finding solutions for your concerns. 
When you are ready and have found a resolution, you can invite your child back home.

3. Adoption - Putting your Babies Needs First 👪

Adoption is another abortion alternative. Adoption agencies can help you choose a family for your baby where it can grow up in a nurturing and loving atmosphere. Search the web for "adoption agencies near me" or visit your local pregnancy resource center in order to find the right fit for you.

Perhaps you feel unsure about adoption. Many women wonder whether placing their baby for adoption is a good thing. Look at it this way: You are giving your baby a chance at life - in spite of your difficult circumstances.

4. Anonymous Birth 👤

If you want no one to know about the pregnancy or your decision to carry the baby to term, you can choose to have an anonymous birth. Your identity remains undisclosed, even to authorities.

Throughout the pregnancy and during the days following the birth, you have the freedom to decide whether you would like to be the one to raise this baby or whether to place it in a foster or adoptive family. If your country does not allow for anonymous births, you may be able to have a "confidential birth." Search the web for regulations in your area.

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